Saturday November 21, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


THURL: I can handle one-on-ones with Captain Andreyasn. We're on the same ship, in person, and he's shown a lot of respect for my experience.

KATHRYN: No no no... I hate that logic.

I'm the one here on the flagship... doing tutelage with the Tagons.

MURTAUGH: Why is that a problem, Lieutenant Flinders?

KATHRYN: They handle their anger management with violence and memory-repression, and they each have enough mommy and daddy issues to populate a colonial family cemetery.

KATHRYN: I like them both, but they're so broken their missing pieces are missing some pieces.

MURTAUGH: Your analysis is spot-on, Lieutenant. I think you'll be perfect.