Sunday November 22, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: TT-Pod 1, Jumpstar Prime...

MASSEY: Captain Murtaugh, we have a problem.

I handed a draft constitution to the Council. They ratified it without making changes.

MURTAUGH: Your drafts are clean, Lieutenant. Good work.

MASSEY: This one was not clean. It had... "shrapnel" in it.

From editing.

MURTAUGH: Massey... did you accidentally legalize recreational murder?

MASSEY: Ha. Ha. No. My name was in the document comments. I botched a crop-and-smart-paste, and that information was used to auto-fill one of the sample forms.

MURTAUGH: Spit it out, Counselor.

MASSEY: More accurately?

"Spit it out, Chief Justice Reynstein."

MURTAUGH: Sanctum maiori excrementum...

MURTAUGH: Okay, Massey, we can fix this, easily. Just tell the Council you made a mistake.

MASSEY: I did.

Probationary pre-President Unuaiyya said, and I quote, "No mistake."

MURTAUGH: We have a problem.

MASSEY: Robes. They're going to make me wear robes.