Sunday July 10, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: The battle plan...

TAGON: The most likely attack will take about sixty hours.

KATHRYN: Sixty hours until we win?

TAGON: Sixty hours until we run.

It'll start with a swarm of inbound sensor drones doing high-energy, active scans, while passive-sensor stealth drones slide in quietly.

We'll miss the really sneaky ones, and they'll begin mapping bubble three. They'll get to bubble two before we spot them.

TAGON: The enemy will formulate an approach based on what they see, and on what they think we might have hidden, and then the real shooting starts.

We'll lose our eyes in bubble three, leaving the bubble two TAD generators exposed.

Once the enemy takes those down things will get interesting.

The specifics will vary, but I'm confident that the enemy will advance regardless of how expensive we make the trip.

Iafa and I have quite a few surprises in mind to slow them down, but a committed, well-equipped force will be engaging our units at the edge of bubble one within sixty hours.

MURTAUGH: These "surprises." Might any of them be Long-Gun shots from Chinook?

CDRE TAGON: Those won the day in Celeschul.

TAGON: The Long Gun is what military historians would call "the nuclear option."

TAGON: Which does not get its name from giving legislators nothing but microwaved food until they agree to vote on your law.

KATHRYN: We all learned something today.