Friday July 15, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Beskin-Sashik, Command Pod of Wing Marshal Takka Besti...

WM adjutant: One of the techs overheard something. I believe we know what our guests will be looking for.

Better still, we know where it is, and can direct them to it.

The sonar survey found it about a dozen dozens ago.

BESTI: The sunken orb? That is far too large for them to carry off.

WM adjutant: In one piece. The orb is not in one piece.

BESTI: Ah. I think I see where you're headed with this.

WM adjutant: Indeed.

You know, their duelists used to announce intent by asking "Do you want a piece of me?"

BESTI: Really? Humans don't look like they can survive duels of dimemberment.

WM adjutant: The fight goes right out of them when you pull their legs off.