Sunday July 24, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Beskin-Sashik, Wing Marshal's Command Pod...

WM adjutant: Five of our agents have been picked up as "samples" by the spiders.

BESTI: Are they in place yet?

WM Adjutant: Kess is in the quarantine area aboard the cargo ship Cindercone. She is our only agent in place on that vessel.

WM Adjutant: Jax, Tessi, Asik, and Duriko are en route to the science vessel, Gift Horse.

I will notify you when they're ready.

BESTI: Outstanding.

I will prepare the sosheki riders to lead the assault.

WM Adjutant: First Provident Antossa is very probably going to inquire after the mobilization of our armored wing.

BESTI: "Oh this? This is just a readiness exercise. Nothing to worry about."

WM Adjutant: We'll need to glue your wing-cases again if that's how you're planning to say it.

BESTI: I'm planning to have you say it. I don't want to be sticky during battle.