Sunday April 2, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Within the Matrioshka Brain of Object 4118-6...

BATZHU: Hazz, I think we should go talk to that tree.

HAZZ: It's big, yeah.

But what makes you think it can talk?

BATZHU: "Arise, Gzeaulifen, from the wallows of your youth. Arise, and ascend the mountain cast up by the roots of the Tree of Knowledge."

"All things shall be taught you there, and from thence your feet shall be placed upon Wisdom's path."

HAZZ: I didn't know you were religious, Batzhu.

BATZHU: You don't have to be religious to know this stuff. Images of the Tree of Knowledge rising from the mountain range of its root ball are everywhere.

EMHREN: Oh. I thought the old landscape painters just ran out of ideas.

BATZHU: Hah! Nope.


BATZHU: Trust me. I career-tracked in representational fine art.

HAZZ: If you studied art, how'd you end up hauling freight?

BATZHU: They told me I could paint on the hulls.

Also, I wanted to see more of the galaxy in case I ran out of ideas.