Sunday April 16, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at Object 4118-6...

ULAQUE: Tell me about this galactic civilization that stumbled across our humble home.

DORAGNE: It's a large one. I could tell you a billion significant things, but I will lead with the Ganni Project.

ULAQUE: That old thing? I said it could not be built, and that if even if the Ganni did build it, it would not work.

DORAGNE: They built it, and it worked. This iteration has lasted three times as long as the previous two.

ULAQUE: Outstanding. I am quite happy to have been wrong.

DORAGNE: You weren't completely wrong.

ULAQUE: Oh, dear.

DORAGNE: "Connect but constrain" worked for a long time. Then, quite recently, the Gatekeeper Network fell apart. Civilizations are again ripping holes in space and have developed the End-Guns.

ULAQUE: Then I am quite unhappy to have been right.

DORAGNE: It is unfortunate that you cannot be both wise and happy.

ULAQUE: That probe is both risky and expensive. It exists so you can tell me about them.