Saturday May 6, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part III

Note: in Gzeaul mythos, the Tree of Knowledge bears fruit, which represents teachings that fulfil and bring joy. It also casts shade, representing wisdom and understanding which protect and bring respite.

In Gzeaul ecology, "rootnuggets" are crystallized nodules of pungent, diseased loam. It's heresy to suggest that the Tree of Knowledge would ever suffer from rootnuggets, but if you want a heretical epithet that means both "inconvenient truth" and "this really stinks," there's only one word for the job.


NARRATOR: Urtheep Industries Offices...

DAGGERMOTHER: Commodore, the most probable scenario puts the agents of 4118-6 here already.

DAGGERMOTHER: If they have the technology you suggest, they certainly have the Long Gun, and could vaporize our vault at their leisure.

They haven't, which suggests they intend a surgical insertion, but for that to work, they would have to arrive before you and I had this conversation.

assistant: Daggermother, a heavily modded-and-armed CQ-101 is rampaging across the Returns Dock.

DAGGERMOTHER: Oh, rootnuggets. I'm already right.