Sunday April 30, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Gzeaul System...

CDRE TAGON: We were hired to locate a rogue crew.

DAGGERMOTHER: I know why you were hired, and I have consumed your previous reports.

Skip to the emergency.

CDRE TAGON: We believe that the offline vault beneath building 14-Y will shortly be assaulted by parties wishing to keep the location of Object 4118-6 a secret.

DAGGERMOTHER: The number "4118-6" resides in a category of things about which you should know exactly nothing.

DAGGERMOTHER: In that same category is any information regarding a hypothetical offline vault, whose hypothetical location and security I am obviously not going to be discussing.

From your report, I can conclude one of two things.

Former Director Hazz is either guilty of misappropriation of corporate data, or you are guilty of infosphere trespass.

System diagnostics show no breach, but according to the security videos, your flying mini-bludgeon was in position to phreak a data trunk.

DAGGERMOTHER: I can conclude, then, that your emergency is unlikely to be what you've described. It's probably a ploy for you to obtain access to a valuable target of opportunity.

Regardless, I have cause sufficient to execute the exit clause in our contract. No more money for you.

CDRE TAGON: This means we don't have to send you our summary report.


CDRE TAGON: I'm sending it anyway. The money doesn't matter.

DAGGERMOTHER: Keep talking.

EBBY: It's a good thing we're rich. Otherwise, we'd be broke.