Sunday July 9, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — PART V


NARRATOR: The Urtheep Industries Returns Receiving Dock is a place for pallets, crates, lift-trucks, and union-sponsored breaks.

It is not a place for spacecraft, and it is very especially not a place for warships.

(It is occasionally a place for armored vehicles and mechanized infantry, but on those occasions the items in question are defective, and are in boxes.)

It is definitely not a place for a column of fully-operational war machines.

But there aren't many places where the locals would look at an advancing army and say "This is a good place for that."

Battlefields aren't out-of-the-way locations where armed forces schedule a civil, contained engagement.

Battlefields are ordinary places whose scheduled uses get interrupted by battle.


NARRATOR: It's terribly inconsiderate. Especially indoors.