Sunday July 30, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — PART V


PUTZHO: This story of yours ...

You're encouraging me to take a warship.


DORAGNE: You are?

PUTZHO: And you are voicing contrary opinions for the express purpose of creating illusory dissent.

Probably to encourage me to think outside of your ball.

ULAQUE: What do you want, Putzho?

PUTZHO: I want a Gen-4B9105 supercruiser, type six loadout package, with an abridged probability manifold in aux bay one, and a selection of size four mindframe avatars in bay two.

And one size eight, in case I'm feeling stompy.

DORAGNE: Somebody figured out how to use a library card.

ULAQUE: Everything will be aboard by the time you upload to the ship.

PUTZHO: If that's the uplink, I think this is goodbye, Ulaque.

ULAQUE: If you leave, you won't be coming back. This is a one-way trip.

PUTZHO: From a thermodynamic perspective, every trip is one-way.

DORAGNE: I'm shocked that he would accuse me of being dishonestly contrary.

ULAQUE: Putzho is an optimist.

He's happier believing that you are only acting like a jerk.