Sunday July 16, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — PART V


NARRATOR: Urtheep Industries Returns Receiving Dock...

TAGON: Cindy, we're cut off. Is everyone else aboard?

CINDY: Everyone except the four of you.

TAGON: Four?

SCHLOCK: Honor guard, sir. I board after you do.

TAGON: That's still only three.

SCHLOCK: Your adjutant.

TAILOR: I'm here to fix the problem with your helmet.

TAGON: I haven't deployed it, because she doesn't have a helmet.

DAGGERMOTHER: I didn't deploy mine because you, my guest, did not appear to have one.

TAGON: We're idiots.

DAGGERMOTHER: Having a backup of yourself probably clouded your judgment.

TAGON: Then what's your excuse?

DAGGERMOTHER: My skull is reinforced with a six-layer sandwich of armor composites.

SCHLOCK: Makes sense. It's a HUGE target.