Sunday August 20, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — PART V


NARRATOR: Aboard the mercenary flagship Breath Weapon...

CDRE TAGON: Iafa! Get Cindy back on the comm! I need to know what's happening down there.

IAFA: Cindy is jamming all comms into or out of the Urtheep Industries infosphere.


KATHRYN: Ennesby, will you please catch the Commodore up?

ENNESBY: With pleasure, Lieutenant Flinders.

KATHRYN: Without blowing your own horn?

ENNESBY: Of course not. I said "with pleasure."

ENNESBY: Commodore, I suspected that the enemy might wish to suborn one of the Ot-Skadak clusters in Captain Tagon's crew.

Captain Foxworthy agreed. He sent my analysis to Cindy, who received it scant seconds before the enemy hacked the Ot-Skadak warriors defending Tagon on the docks.

ENNESBY: Per my prediction, the enemy co-opted cluster communications and hacked Phil, the Ot-Skadak "Philosopher" cluster aboard the Cynthetic Certainty.

They would have gone on to hack Phil's hive in Eina-Afa, but Cindy blocked them.

Had they succeeded, they could have gone on to take Eina-Afa, including Chinook and the Long Guns.

With THOSE they could have instigated a galaxy-spanning war.

KATHRYN: And that is why Cindy is jamming comms.

ENNESBY: Basically, I saved the galaxy.

KATHRYN: And that is why he's blowing his own horn.