Sunday August 27, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — PART V


NARRATOR: Aboard the support vessel Maxim 39...

KEVYN: How do you plan to stop these things on the station?

PUTZHO: By patching in. My deployment module will arrive shortly.

KEVYN: How shortly?

PUTZHO: The module has already passed your position. It's on a high-energy trajectory, accelerating almost all the way in.

ENNESBY: Ooh! Reinforced teraport cage?

PUTZHO: Close! The cage travels flat. It only gets big and fragile at the destination.

KEVYN: You're tuning it to the transmitter on-the-fly?

PUTZHO: Auto-tuning.

PUTZHO: It's quantum entangled with the micronodes in the virtual transmitter's cloud.

KEVYN: "Virtual..."

KEVYN: Okay, that is not engineering.

KEVYN: It's buzz-word salad.

PUTZHO: Captain Foxworthy, you and I are going to have so much fun.