Tuesday September 5, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — PART V


agent 3: Drop us into those stasis bottles, Putzho. We've done everything we came to do.

PUTZHO: Really?

PUTZHO: You were extraordinarily off-script. I'd like to see your revised list of objectives.

agent 2: We're coming along quietly. Doesn't that make our objective obvious?

PUTZHO: What's obvious is that you came quite close to triggering a galactic war.

agent 2: That was one possible outcome. You and the mercenaries ensured that everybody gets the other one. It's much better.


PUTZHO: You believe things will somehow turn out better with me roaming around outside the All-Star?

agent 2: We're betting our stasis-frozen lives on it.

agent 1: Please don't break my bottle.