Sunday September 24, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I


BUNNI: Corporal, I rebuild dead people. Trust me, I have seen problems like yours before.

PERI: I wasn't dead.

SCHLOCK: You were almost dead. You were making the "I'm dead" face.

BUNNI: Sergeant...

SCHLOCK: So, maybe your arm thinks it came back from the dead, and you need to treat it like a new arm. Do some nice things for it.

BUNNI: Sergeant, what have we said about you and the practice of psychology?

SCHLOCK: Don't practice on real people?

BUNNI: Neeka repaired your chest wounds right down to the muscle fibers. They're not the same as they were, and they never will be.

PERI: Then it's Neeka's fault.

PERI: You grew an entirely new body for Captain Tagon, and he didn't have these problems.

BUNNI: Captain Tagon only has two arms, and his brain doesn't have quadridextrous motor control lobes.

BUNNI: Those lobes? You're letting quadridextrous crosstalk memories do the aiming for an arm whose stabilization musculature has changed.

BUNNI: You have to rethink the way you use your arms, and you need to treat that arm like...

BUNNI: a new arm.

SCHLOCK: Do something nice for it.