Sunday September 17, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Epilogue


TAGON: May I finish?

AKKRO-AFKA: Yes, please continue.

TAGON: Your, umm... sons?

Are they called that?

AKKRO-AFKA: I like the word.

TAGON: Your sons died honorably in defense of their client, comrades, and company. They died defending you.

TAGON: Full details are in this unredacted report.

AKKRO-AFKA: Thank you, Captain Kaff Tagon, for seeing to this personally.

And thank you for allowing me to serve through my...

My sons. Yes.

I do like that word.

SCHLOCK: The report is kind of dry. The fight was epic.

VAAL: *whispering* Sergeant...


SCHLOCK: Oh, sure. Truly epic.

AKKRO-AFKA: Then you must honor me with your telling, Sergeant Schlock.

VAAL: Okay, but the Bosun has to tell his bit. All I saw of that was body parts splattered around the engineering bay.


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