Sunday September 10, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Epilogue


NARRATOR: The storm on the horizon fills half the sky...


NARRATOR: It has been four hours since the end of hostilities at Urtheep Industries H.Q.


TAGON: Which one is that?


CHINOOK: Kutsko.


CHINOOK: It's the same one under which I found and subsequently rescued Sergeant Schlock.


SCHLOCK: I didn't need to be rescued.


CHINOOK: Andy and Tandersil didn't need help hooking up.


TAGON: Chinook... you could put the map-wall back up, right?


CHINOOK: And stop the storms? Yes. I have the resources for that.


TAGON: But you're not going to do it.


CHINOOK: Akkrok and Kutsko are the reason this world thrives with such diverse and abundant life. Without the storms, the jungles would wither and fall from the sky.


VAAL: Kinda like the cycles of extinction that sweep the galaxy every few million years?




CHINOOK: No, nothing like that. Bosun, that's a terrible metaphor.


VAAL: Oh. Well, the storm is spiral shaped, like a galaxy.


SCHLOCK: I see it too.