Sunday November 12, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at the Soulcrypt Eight Overlook...

CHINOOK: That stealthy sweep was very well executed. Iafa is getting good at this.

PETEY: Neutralizing the sleepers was basic stuff.

The real brilliance was in that dance with Fangstorm.

CHINOOK: Indeed. No guns, just maneuvers that said "You're outclassed. Go home."

PETEY: Fangstorm was the only vessel there capable of dealing real damage.

Captain Tagon removed it from play with a head-game.

CHINOOK: Captain Tagon? He's not even on that ship.

Iafa took out Fangstorm.

PETEY: Iafa was speaking, but that was Tagon's voice.

PUTZHO: Hey, guys! Did you see? They're deploying the TOEhold cages!

CHINOOK: Yes, Putzho. We're watching that now.

PUTZHO: Via an extremely limiting interface.

PETEY: Would you care to join us?

PUTZHO: Um... here?

CHINOOK: I am enjoying the relaxed pace of the meatframe experience.

PUTZHO: Works for me, but if I'm going to watch a show in a fully organic Size Four, I will need snacks.

And a big screen.

PUTZHO: This kind of service isn't actually a part of the authentic meatframe experience.

CHINOOK: I'm a goddess, not a cave bear.