Sunday November 26, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I


NARRATOR: On the Bridge, the uppermost deck of Soulward Honor's Conning Tower...

SRABBEN: Have you come to make good on your threat? Are you going to flay the coat from my back?

PERI: I didn't bring my flail.

PERI: But if you can't disrobe under your own power, I can improvise.

SRABBEN: That's not how flaying even works.

PERI: Really?

ENNESBY: He's right. Flails aren't for flaying. You need a scourge.

SRABBEN: Hmph. You're no marshal. You're even greener than that wilted parasite on your --


ENNESBY: Never mind. You won't be needing a scourge.

NARRATOR: Aboard Maxim 39...

ENNESBY: Fling, flay, fly, and flail, and at least one flip.

KEVYN: Best response yet to one of your grammar lessons.