Tuesday October 31, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I

Note: A tlumnph is a metal plate about the size of a fobott'r hand upon which has been etched an individual's geneology. Tlumnphs have great personal significance, and many fobott'r will make a pilgrimage to the vaults of Tetnumbrathi, on Gripp, to cast their tlumnphs in among the trillions already there. 

"Tlumnphrot" is what happens when a fobott'r uses poor quality metals to make their tlumnph, and their life's record corrodes. Fobott'r are far too careful for tlumnphrot to actually be a thing that happens, but the thought alone is offensive enough to make it a powerful epithet

Addendum to Note: None of this is particularly important to the story. It's just fun to teach the reader to swear.