Sunday January 7, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, 438 light-years away, there is detective work happening...

ZOSH: This is the final, expanding resting place of the Wublimboth.

captain: You're certain?

ZOSH: As certain as forensic chemistry will allow, yes.

captain: Sand and blinking grit.

ZOSH: With PTU shards, gas-phase polymers, and flash-roasted organic chemistry.

ZOSH: The debris field's chemical composition is consistent with a Longstalk-class science vessel, and we're missing exactly one of those.

captain: What killed it?

ZOSH: The field is expanding uniformly.

Whatever it was, it delivered a single, central explosion.

captain: Delivered how?

Wublimboth's final transmissions show zero indication that anything was inbound, or faulty, or otherwise amiss.

ZOSH: I have some theories, but I shall forbear.

ZOSH: I haven't yet had the opportunity to properly ex—

NARRATOR: Auditor-Adjunct Zosh Mathlibrot was going to say "examine the debris," not "explode without warning."

He was going to do many other interesting things as well, but now it's just "expand uniformly" and "exist in small pieces and hopefully in a Laz-5 gestalt."