Sunday December 24, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Eina-Afa, atop Soulcrypt Eight, en route to the Overlook...

SORLIE: The four of us are going to attract far more attention than the three of them are.

TENZY: Demonstrably untrue, Captain Sorlie.

We're being watched by a few passers-by.

The Goddess, the All-Star, and the Galactic Bear are being watched by millions of people courtesy of six—oops sorry now it's just five—paparazzi drones.

LANDON: Tenzy.

TENZY: Yes, love?

LANDON: Are you hunting?

TENZY: Three, and there's your answer.

SORLIE: Discreetly, I hope?

TENZY: Pew-pew-pew zero.


MENENDEZ: "Pew pew pew?"

LANDON: That means you can't actually tell that she's shooting so she makes noises you can hear.

MENENDEZ: If Chinook wanted privacy, she would have pew-pew-pew'd those paparazzi herself.

TENZY: I like to think that she deliberately leaves things like this for the little people to do.

MENENDEZ: You like to think that?

SORLIE: You think we're little?