Sunday February 4, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Cynthetic Certainty...

TAGON: Corporal Gugro, report.

PERI: Our people are okay, sir. Rattled by the news, but okay.

TAGON: New orders. Collect our personnel, and prep for evac.

We are leaving.

NARRATOR: Gruuli's Legacy...

PERI: But...

There are thousands of corpses here, and they're not okay.

TAGON: Sorry, Gugro. They are now someone else's problem.

PERI: But Captain...

TAGON: You have your orders, Corporal.

TEFF: What happened to the station?

TAGON: Confirm, Corporal. "Yes sir" will do.

TEFF: Where's my family?

PERI: Captain... no sir.

I'm not leaving.

They need our help.

TAGON: Pack it in now.

That is an order, Corporal.

PERI: Give Corporal Chisulo that order.

And tell him I'm prepared to put up a fight.

VIKI: So that's what you sound like without the lawyer in your ear.

PERI: Can I get some more "don't-barf" pills?