Sunday February 11, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: The outdoor theater atop Soulcrypt Eight has become more of a "theater of operations," and things are moving quickly...

One of the quickly-moving things is Captain Landon, who masses just over 1000 kilograms in his current armor.

This is pretty big for an ursumari, but it's not "overweight" big...

Still, before taking atmospheric considerations into account, his one-second acceleration to Mach 1 necessitated the expenditure of 275.4 million calories.

(That's 550 thousand 500-calorie burgers, or 275.4 million 1-calorie beverages.)

Tenzy's energy budget accounted for drag, but lacked any margin for inertiics, so Captain Landon, along with Colonel Menendez and Captain Sorlie, experienced the 35-gee acceleration in full.

It's dangerous, but it's not meat-pulpingly dangerous.

It's certainly safer than standing within the theater of operations...