Sunday February 18, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II

Note: Tenzy also rescued several other people who were near the overlook at the time of the explosion. She grabbed a shielded bus for them, so describing their safe and uneventful ride would be far less interesting than exploring the thematic elements arising from the intersecting mythologies in Babylon Abbey. Which we don't have space for. 


NARRATOR: Eina-Afa, in the city of Jumpstar Prime...

LANDON: Tenzy... what happened?

TENZY: Your left lung partially collapsed under the acceleration.

LANDON: Before that bit.

TENZY: I launched you, Colonel Menendez, and Captain Sorlie from the overlook to escape the clash of the titans.

LANDON: The what?

SORLIE: Petey, Putzho, and Chinook are fighting.

LANDON: Dear gods...

TENZY: Exactly.

TENZY: It's just like the season finale of Babylon Abbey when Jesus, Janeway, and Optimus Prime fought the Daleks.

SORLIE: Spoilers, Tenzy! I'm only up to episode eighteen!

TENZY: I didn't say how the episode ENDED.

SORLIE: In the current context, I bet it ends in a fireball and confusion, and we don't know which of the characters lived.

TENZY: You're good at this. I don't know why you even watch those shows.

SORLIE: Neither do I.