Sunday May 6, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III


NARRATOR: The Harmadillo-class vessel "We're Not Calling It Guntherboat" arrives at Gruuli's Legacy...

KATHRYN: Marshal Gugro, sir!

Lieutenants Kathryn Flinders and Michelle Diego-Garcia, reporting for duty.

PERI: Reporting...


PERI: Lieutenants, on me.

We're walking.

PERI: Out of earshot, where I can ask how long I need to keep this up.

KATHRYN: How long?

KATHRYN: Gugro, you extended this engagement. It's your mission now.

Own it.

PERI: Own it?

PERI: Lieutenant, the next time you speak to me in that manner you will preface your remarks with "permission to speak freely, sir."

KATHRYN: Understood, sir.

KATHRYN: Pay up.

CHELLE: I hope this takes the sting out of your student now being your master.

KATHRYN: Marshal Gugro will arrange for additional sting, I'm sure.