Sunday April 29, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III


NARRATOR: The U.P.A. frigate Fangstorm...

ELF: This would be way easier if I had my fragsuit.

SCHLOCK: It's still on Soulward Honor. I didn't have time to grab it on my way out.

ELF: That wouldn't be a problem if they hadn't confiscated my comm bands.

SCHLOCK: *blork*

You mean these?

ELF: You ate them?

SCHLOCK: No, a guard was wearing them as ankle bracelets.

So I ate HIM.

SCHLOCK: Sorry. I didn't know they were still useful.

ELF: Sergeant, this is the last "sorry" you get.

NARRATOR: Soulward Honor...


ELF: It's okay.

Once I start making the enemy sorry there won't be any left for you.