Sunday August 12, 2018
Book 19: A Function of Firepower — Part I

Note: Ondrophol is the world-encircling ring of space stations above Gripp, the Fobott'r homeworld. Translated, the name means "place of the encircling embrace," and its population numbers in the billions. Non-Fobott'r who perform heroic acts of service to the Fobott'r people are occasionally granted "honorary Ondrophol" status, allowing them to purchase property as if they were natives, rather than rent it or bring it with them. When people tell Elf that it's "a huge honor" they're misspeaking. It's not huge. It's rare. The number of living honorary Ondrophol can be counted on one hand. 

One Fobott'r hand. And in this case you won't need the thumb.