Tuesday April 23, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part I: Kickin' Bu'uthandi and Takin' Names


Jaksmouth:Admiral, we're in a hurry. We need to crack that technology before the gatekeeper lobby can erode our political support.The Tantwerl navy pulled out this morning, and at least three other navies are threatening withdrawal.
Jaksmouth:If you don't hire your brother's company today, you may be unable to afford to hire them tomorrow.
Breya:Oh this is just rich. The irony is too much. These are the same problems I had in the private sector.
Breya:Just once i'd like to be able to round up some investors who can stomach more than one little setback.
Jaksmouth:I think that's just the nature of money. Stable investments usually aren't being shot at.