Sunday March 23, 2008

Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Prologue: Drydock


Narrator:In the recruiting queue. . .
Renault:So that's your ship? Impressive.
Elf:We like it. The Touch-And-Go was formerly the Integrity, flagship for "Pranger's Bangers," under the command of Colonel Drake Pranger.
Renault:The Colonel Pranger gave you a warship?
Elf:No, we shot it down, and laid salvage claim to it on Ystre.
Renault:Wow. . . you're beautiful and you've seen real action. Do you have your own cabin there on the "Touch-me-please?"
Elf:I think I left out some key details. Let me fill them in.
Elf:My boyfriend shot down Pranger's flagship. . .
Elf:. . . with an antimatter grenade. . .
Renault:Umm. . .
Elf:. . . That he'd been wearing for years as an epaulet.
Renault:I think I just remembered someplace else I'm supposed to be right now.