Thursday December 28, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bureaucracy Bountiful
Today marks the 200th day of uninterrupted Schlock Mercenary. Celebrate by telling a friend about this dependable source of quality amusement!

Addendum to Note: When I drew this strip back on December 2nd, I had no idea that it was going to fall on the 200th day of Schlock Mercenary, and yet very clearly spelled out in the last frame is the number "two hundred." I do not know how these things happen. Maybe it's the Hand of Fate, or perhaps my subconscious has learned to count without using fingers and toes. Or maybe the Hand of Fate has enough fingers on it for my subconscious to be able to count to two hundred.


Narrator: Tagon secures space for processing licenses...
Tagon: How much do you want for your kiosk?
Luna Vendor: It's not for sale, bub.
Tagon: Lemme give you some breaking news. My men and I are here to work crowd control. In two days the crowd will be gone, and your kiosk will be worthless. I'm giving you the chance to sell it now, while it's still worth something.
Luna Vendor: Nice try. I'm not letting anybody move in on my action. I've got a sweet spot here, and I'm keeping it.
Tagon: I see. Can I buy a hot dog, then?
Luna Vendor: That'll be ten bucks.
Tagon: Thanks.
Tagon: Shep, run this over to the Department of Health. I think they'd like to try and see what's in it.
Luna Vendor: But for just two hundred bucks, you can have the whole kiosk!