Saturday November 24, 2001
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
Note: For those interested in the relevant details, Schlock was able (under hypnosis) to clearly describe the rescue vessel that pulled him from the holed pirate craft he was aboard. That description pegged the ship as belonging to the government of the Bhaan-triit, whose enforcement logs could then be searched for records of the event. This led to the discovery of the registry (forged, but still trackable) of the pirate craft, which was tracked back two jumps to the Uuna-Uuna-g'Thwap system. No prior jump was recorded, but that system's wormgate is a serial gate rather than a hub gate, and is only tuned for "upstream" and "downstream" travel, which narrowed the search for the source of the original jump to two possible systems in the serial gate sequence. The upstream (away from the galactic core) system, Parhchintofleekybok, was one the pirate craft must have traveled through to get to Uuna-Uuna-g'Thwap, since its gate was also serial, and Parhchintofleekybok was too heavily developed to match Schlock's story. Thus, three jumps in from the hub system of Bhaan-triit, Petey identified Ghanj-Rho as Schlock's point of origin.

So now you know. Aren’t you glad you asked?


Petey: Captain, based on the results of Schlock's hypnosis, and a search through hypernet logs of shipping and law enforcement, I've found his home system.
Petey: Listed as 'Ghanj-Rho,' it's one of several hundred ancient stars in the eastern spiral arm.
Petey: The system is a haven to smugglers, privateers, and guns for hire. The only planet of mention is an ecological disaster with no extant civilization to speak of, and a surface littered with abandoned cities.
Tagon: Mmmm. Stop that. You make it sound so enticing.