Sunday October 28, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Schlocktoberfest 2001


Narrator: In orbit around jupiter's moon europa, the luxury space liner 'princess tyola' has nearly been cleared of it's infestation of Diamond Beetles.
Narrator: It could also be said that she's nearly been cleared of her infestation of beetle-hunting mercenaries. A lone sergeant battles the last she-beetle. Both of them are bent on revenge...
Narrator: They are equally matched, and equally horrible in each other's eyes. Whose nightmare this is depends entirely on perspective...
Diamond Bug 2: If I let him grab me, He'll pop my head off, like he did to my sisters
Diamond Bug 2: But this shooter burns him. If I can stay out of reach...
Diamond Bug 2: ... He's going down
SFX: Thoom
Schlock: (thinking) Aaaargh! Losing mass... burning... must... flee...
SFX: Thoooom
DoytHaban: Whoa! Ugly! Shoot it!
Narrator: After courage and valor have long since fled, the day will be won by the guy who remembered to bring reinforcements to the party.
Princess Tyola: