Sunday November 10, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Narrator: Off the beaten path, in what might be called an intragalactic backwater of the great milky-way, descendents of the race-war refugees engage in a high-stakes contest of a rather less bloody sort than that which gave rise to their little colony.
Ob'enn Diplomat: This 'compromise' screenplay is utter excrement!
Ob'enn Diplomat: You make it sound like your beloved foretooth masterminded the revolt on the sword. He was a beggar before master commander ghen!
Kssthrata Diplomat: At least our proposal does not include stupid stipulations about casting. Ghen's grandson couldn't act his way out of an open airlock!
Attorney Drone 1: In the absense of a reasonable counterproposal, My client's stipulations stand.
Attorney Drone 2: Fine. We shall formulate a more suitable proposal, and revisit this next year.
Fez Bejo: Actually, I have a counter-proposal that may settle this. My name is Fez Bejo, and I own Magic Dreamland Entertainment.
Ob'enn Diplomat: These are private negotiations. How did you get in?
Fez Bejo: My clients helped me. You see, they've sold me the rights to the end of your mutiny story, which they own exclusively. I'm prepared to allow both parties here to buy in on the prequel, but i'm also prepared to position my script so that your movie will never, ever, ever show outside of sundance.
Attorney Drone Colle: This is not negotiation, it's blackmail!
Fez Bejo: I'm sorry. Did I neglect to mention that my clients are legally empowered to shoot attorney drones?
Ob'enn Diplomat: You didn't mention it, no.
Fez Bejo: Ah yes, that's right. If I had, now that would have been blackmail.
Kssthrata Diplomat: Does inking a deal over the corpses of attorney drones fall under any of those 'under duress' clauses?
Narrator: There's no biz like showbiz.