Wednesday October 30, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Petey Promoted


Narrator: Aboard the company transport...
Kevyn: Why did we abandon ship, sir?
Tagon: Because any moment now those ob'enn are going to re-wire petey's allegiance.
Kevyn: Oh, come on! It's still twenty minutes' work to hook him back up to surveillance and weapons. All they have until then is drive control, and we've already eliminated most of their force. We CAN take the ship back from them, captain.
Tagon: As soon as they throw that allegiance switch, Petey will no longer be inclined to obay any of the standing orders i've given him. Especially not the very first one.
Kevyn: Ah. The one about not committing suicide over the whole "i'm afraid of ghosts" thing.
Tagon: I'm torn between 'porting back into the system to warn them, or 'porting back into the system to watch.