Friday November 15, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan
Note: One of the few sports that remains largely unchanged after an entire millennium is 31st-century baseball. The bats, the balls, the clay, and the spitting are all there. So are the red-faced refs and their shouting matches with equally red-faced coaches.

One improvement is that the process of striking for more pay has become a formalized part of the game. Usually it falls upon the refs to moderate the action, but in a good strike you'll get both teams and half the refs sitting down on the field, while the owners and the local political leaders get into the red-faced shouting with the coaches and the union managers.

In a really good strike the extremists in either camp will get called out by their teammates, and 'encouraged' to accept whatever compromise is currently leading the real-time fan polls. This encouragement can take many forms, but is typically similar to the encouragement offered to a baseball to get it from just over the plate to a point somewhere left of center.

The fun just never stops at the ball-park. Bring your kids, your lucky glove, and money for some of that sticky biomass they're trying to pass off as caramel kettle-corn.


Elf: Hey, Guys! I just heard that Ennesby and Haban are mixing it up! Championship think-off!
Brad: This is less exciting than I expected.
Schlock: It beats watching this week's baseball strike.