Thursday October 31, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Petey Promoted


Narrator: As our tale draws to a close, we find that the most dangerous ghosts may be our own pasts. . .
Narrator: Petey's former owners have liberated him from the mercenaries who were his first real friends.
Narrator: In so doing, they've freed him from the repressive orders that kept him in check, sane, and alive. . .
Narrator: It's all over, except for the fireworks.
Ob'enn Admiral: Your name is no longer 'Petey.' You are Sword Of Inevitable Justice again.
Petey: I'm afraid I'm a double-edged sword, Admiral.
Petey: Besides, Sword Of Inevitable Justice Again is a stupid name.
Narrator: The only weapon Petey (Err. . . Sword) has is his drive. Since it is powered by neutronium annihilation, it'll do just fine.
Ob'enn Admiral: Uh-oh.
Narrator: There's a trick to keeping neutronium stable. It's easily enough undone.
Ob'enn Admiral: The A.I. has gone feral! Nobody said anything about the A.I. being feral!
Narrator: The result is strikingly similar to a chemical explosion. Lots of solid suddenly becomes lots and lots and lots of gas.
Narrator: And lots and lots and lots. . .
Narrator: Don't try this at home.
Narrator: Meanwhile, missing out on the pyrotechnics. . .
Tagon: I really would have liked to see it blow, but there's no safe place for us to watch.
Kevyn: Uh... That reminds me - I haven't seen Schlock or Ennesby since we abandoned ship.
Ennesby: I'm right here sir. We had to scrounge up a working teraport. We got out just as the ship blew.
Kevyn: Oh good. Where's Sergeant Schlock?
Ennesby: Um, he's the giant wart fastened to the top of my tank.
Kevyn: I'm afraid your tank is rather distressingly wart-free, Ensign.