Wednesday December 17, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part IV: A Little First Contact
Note: The name Sergeant Schlock chose for his second booceros mount originates with a curious consipiracy of colloquialism, celebrity, and tabloid journalism in the early 21st century. While historians fail to concur on the exact social pressures involved, by 2010 the name "J-Lo" had supplanted "Bessie" as the most popular name for milk cows.


Schlock: C'mon, J-Lo. We're almost there.
Kak: I'm afraid your booceros is finished. You've run it too hard.
Kak: My people will sometimes hunt booceros without spears, simply chasing them until they die. It is said to purify the souls of both the hunter and the hunted.
Kak: Which reminds me. Are you going to eat that?
Schlock: After I pull the tree branch out. It's not done purifying yet.