Tuesday July 6, 2004
Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance — Part III: Handle With Care
Note: The jokes about snow, igloos, and glaciers may appear quaint or absurd to some 21st-century Canadians. They're almost always Canadians from the FIRST half of the 21st century.


Narrator: Welcome to Thorbis, a planetary system that boasts 40,000 years of civilization.
Narrator: The largest body in this system (Excluding the one that's been on fire for the last 5 billion years) is the gas giant Phromnoea.
Narrator: Phromnoea's sixth moon, the icy world called Blintjun-Lapi, was long ago modified to support life.
Narrator: It's an awfully cold place. 600 years ago a visitor from earth described it as "Like having a whole planet of Canada."
Narrator: Beyond the fact that winter clothing never goes on sale, and the currency is weak, the resemblence is superficial.