Sunday May 8, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part V: Instant Replay


NARRATOR: A historic meeting of fleet admirals is now under way aboard the Parliamentary Diet

PETEY: Welcome aboard, everyone.  Thank you for putting your differences aside.

NARRATOR: The many species here represented--Creethling, Golbwerian, Human, Spa'ang, Korbinton, Metisi, Unioc, Namavawg, and more--are just a tiny sampling of galactic races.

PETEY: You represent the greatest of the galactic powers, and you will all need to work together to preemptively undo what which will have been done.

NARRATOR: Sadly, they're all that could make it on such short notice.

ALIEN ADMIRAL 1: We've had a look at these generators.  Tausennigan Ob'enn Plate-class ships are the only ones with the gravy to match them claw for claw.

ALIEN ADMIRAL 2: Where are the Ob'enn?  Certainly they qualify as a galactic power.

PETEY NODE: They weren't invited for two reasons.  First, their current cultural dogma calls for the eventual extermination of all non-Ob'enn.  I doubt they'd "play well with others."

PETEY: Second, I am presently engaging them in a little campaign of containment and re-education.

CAPTAIN KEVYN: Petey, I thought you were putting everything behind this effort.

PETEY: I am.  All PD ships have been pulled here to the core.

PETEY: In my previous sixteen 'retreats' the Ob'enn have pursued only four times, and in each case they've been lured into ambushes and heavy losses.

PETEY NODE: I am confident my war with the Ob'enn continues apace on a psychological front.

OB'ENN: Suuuure, the quadrant looks abandoned.  It always does, right up until the screaming starts.