Sunday May 22, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part V: Instant Replay


NARRATOR: Deep in the House Phica fortress...

TAGON: *shouting* KEVYN!

KEVYN: I'm sorry, Captain, just do what they say.

TAGON: I guess I'll have to.  They shot my pistol right out of my hand!

SCHLOCK: It just goes 'clicky.'

PRANGER: Let's have some restraints for our guests, Steakly.

STEAKLY: Yes, Sir.

NARRATOR: Schlock is ushered into an armored bag.

TAGON: Go ahead, Sergeant.

NARRATOR: Manacles are supplied and slapped onto Tagon and Elf.

TAGON: Kevyn, you'd better have a good explanation for this.

NARRATOR: There's also a set for Kevyn

KEVYN: Hey, what's going on here, Pranger?

PRANGER: Oh, we've just got a few questions to ask.  Simple stuff.  I just need to know what you know, and how you know what you know.

PHICA: You seem awfully friendly with these assassins, Colonel.

PRANGER: Of course I'm friendly.  It's far easier to restrain someone when they don't suspect that you're leading them off to be tortured.

KEVYN: I don't suppose I can get a refund?

PRANGER: No, but I tell you what...  If I torture and kill you, I won't expect you to pay the outstanding balance.