Thursday September 15, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part I: Big Schlock, Little Schlock, What Begins With Schlock?


Narrator: Haban II is a cyborg: An artificial mind in a flesh-and-bone body.
Haban: Breya, I heard about your appointment! Congratulations!
Ambassador Breya: Thanks, dear.
Narrator: He is married to Ambassador Andreyasn.
Haban: What would you say to a spot of celebration? I've heard there's an excellent restaurant district aboard the Vredefort.
Narrator: They are an odd couple, but they are happy to be married to each other.
Ambassador Breya: I really don't feel like going out.
Haban: That's fine, "in" works for me.
Ambassador Breya: I'm so glad you didn't agree to be assimilated by the Fleetmind. You're the most human person I know.
Narrator: For now, anyway. . .