Sunday November 13, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part III: Return to the Tub of Happiness


Narrator: Aboard the as-yet-unnamed mercenary warship belonging to Captain Tagon and company.
Captain Tagon: YOU! Robot!
Daysun Tingo 'Bot: Err. . . how can I help you sir?
Captain Tagon: It's time for me to renegotiate your contract.
Daysun Tingo 'Bot: I'm sorry, has our work been. . .
Daysun Tingo 'Bot: Un. . . Un. . . ulp. . . Unsatisfactory?
Captain Tagon: No. It's been un-trustworthy.
Captain Tagon: You accepted a bribe from the ship's former owner, and then you lied to me, painted me in mud, and made me look foolish in front of my crew.
Daysun Tingo 'Bot: You didn't look foolish, sir. You looked quite svelte.
Captain Tagon: Somebody find me another Daysun-Tingo Robot. This one's defective.