Wednesday November 16, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part III: Return to the Tub of Happiness


Captain Tagon: Since you're in contact with Colonel Pranger, I will have you return his personal effects to him, as well as those of his officers and crew.
Captain Tagon: There will be a delivery problem, though. Pranger's effects must be mis-labeled, and delivered to a low-ranking crew member.
Captain Tagon: The items on this list will be added to Pranger's effects, such that said crew member might reasonably find them before discovering that the container is not his own.
Daysun Tingo 'Bot: Women's clothing and fetishist attire, all in the Colonel's size. . . How thoughtful of you.
Captain Tagon: It's the least I could do on such short notice.