Sunday May 7, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Narrator: Meanwhile, towards the galactic core. . .
Popigai: Buuthandi Three has been located and resolved.
Admiral: Establish a beachhead, Popi. I want a teraport cage functioning by the end of the hour.
Popigai: Our probes are being destroyed with ninety-nine point-eight-six efficiency.
Admiral: So we get to keep fourteen out of every ten thousand. . . That's fourteen more than none.
Popigai: Uh-oh. . . We have been spotted. I am fending off attempted teraports right now.
Admiral: Is this a Gatekeeper counterattack?
Popigai: Unknown, sir.
Popigai: Correction: it is not a Gatekeeper counterattack.
Petey: An amazing example of high-speed A.I. deduction. Popi here deserves a raise, Admiral.
Admiral: Petey, I presume? You are intruding on a U.N.S vessel. Your actions may be construed as an act of war.
Petey: Oh, put a cork in the politi-speak, Admiral. We're both military types.
Petey: You don't want to start another war, and I don't want to finish one.
Petey: Or, to quote Danny Glover, "I don't want to kill you, and you don't want to be dead."