Sunday May 28, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator: Aboard the Touch-And-Go, currently in orbit above Celeschul.
Tarn: Welcome to the HN3 Sunday edition of "Skyline." I'm Tarn Betnetter.
Ponju: And I'm Ponju Striithpok. They're calling it "The Death of Reality Television," Tarn.
Tarn: Yes, Ponju. The investment outlook for HTRN the "Hypernet Televised Reality Network," is bleak.
Tarn: A few short-sellers made a killing, but with HTRN stock down almost ninety points to two and a quarter, there is a lot of pain in the market.
Tarn: The big winner appears to be Fez Bejo. Magic Dreamland Entertainment's CEO. In lightning trading he acquired controlling interest of HTRN.
Ponju: Winner? There's not much to be acquired. Accounts have been drained, the principal facility is a total loss, and the insurance company is screaming "fraud."
Tarn: True. But for pennies on the dollar, Bejo gained control of the stiffest competition he had in prime time-slots.
Tarn: San Asimov police caught up with HTRN CEO Richard Skinner, vacationing on Mahuitalotu. He insists he's innocent of any wrongdoing.
Tarn: Unknown are his motives for allegedly stripping the company bare and burning it to the ground.
Tagon: Trial by media, a gross miscarriage of justice... Nice work, Massey.
Tarn: In a related story, San Asimov police are still looking for this woman, whom they believe to be in the employ of a company of mercenaries.
Ennesby: Captain, a police cruiser has matched orbits. They claim to have a warrant.
Massey: At least we don't need to keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.