Sunday May 21, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Narrator: On the streets of San Asimov, outside the HTRN building. . .
Rent-A-Cop 1: Unnngh.
Rent-A-Cop 2: Good morning, sunshine.
Rent-A-Cop 2: I guess your girlfriend clocked both of us.
Rent-A-Cop 2: Armed response is clearing the building. They carried us down here.
Rent-A-Cop 1: Since when is she my girlfriend? You were the one going ga-ga over her last month.
Rent-A-Cop 2: You're the one who volunteered to make the collar. We should have waited for backup.
Rent-A-Cop 1: I would've been fine if her Cyclops friend hadn't shown up.
Rent-A-Cop 2: Yeah, well, it's a Rent-A-Cop problem, now. I heard heavy weapons a couple of minutes ago.
Rent-A-Cop 1: We've got a riot gun in the trunk of the car, and I've got AP rounds for it. I say we go get a piece.
Rent-A-Cop 1: Of. . . umm. . . pie. A piece of pie.
Rent-A-Cop 2: Something easy to chew. I think I may be missing teeth.