Sunday May 14, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Narrator: The citizens of San Asimov have recently observed four "R.A.C. Armed response" wagons tearing through town.
Narrator: Three of them are fakes, full of "Toughs," under the command of mercenary Captain Kaff Tagon.
Narrator: One of them is the real deal, dispatched when an R.A.C. intelligence discovered a hack in the dispatch system.
Narrator: It is not much of a race. The real R.A.C. team took off much earlier, and though they had farther to travel, they reached their destination first.
Narrator: They may be rent-a-cops, but in this day and age that does not mean unarmed donut-dunkers. They are law-enforcement mercenaries, well-equipped, highly trained, and consummately professional.
R.A.C. Soldier: Bummer. The scan says the penthouse is empty.
Narrator: They are also in the wrong place.