Wednesday February 20, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part VI: Thanks for the Memories


Thurl: . . . The conning tower is scrap, and fabber two is vapor, with a crunchy, slagged shell where the bulkheads used to be.

And did I mention that we're still not done patching up that hole Shufgar punched in our forward blade?

Captain Tagon: Twice.
Thurl: Even if we start by rebuilding fabber two, these repairs could take months.
captain Tagon: We're in one of the biggest mobile drydocks the U.N.S. has. Certainly it won't take months.
Thurl: So we'll be spending money like water, then.
Captain Tagon: The U.N.S. cut me a "repair coupon," signed by somebody named "Emm." Drink up, me hearties! We've watered down the grog with cold, hard cash.